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Jump@school is a project led by Sardinia Region and co-funded by EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme that involves partners from Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey.

The overall objective is to provide recommendations and tips to define education and VET custom-made policies to prevent and contrast the Early School Leaving.

Specific objectives

Prevent dropouts

To identify tested methodologies, strategies and good practices to prevent and contrast the early school leaving in contexts with high rate of drop out

Improve offers

To improve the education and training offer and policies facing the new challenges and changes (economic crisis, high rate of youth unemployment, high rate of students with migrant background)

The Process

Screening of good practices

State of the art in ESL

The consortium will decide criteria for identifying good practices on ESL, active or realized in the partner countries. All partners will select a limited number of good practices and collect information about them. The information will be summarized in a report and distributed within the consortium.


Guidance, counselling, training and work opportunities

The consortium will design a standardised intervention: it will be a set of adapted and optimised measures (services of guidance, counselling on education, training and work opportunities, etc.). The intervention will be realized in some schools in Italy, Spain and Turkey.


Comparison of quantitative indicators

At the end of the intervention, we’ll analyse the collected data and conduct the comparison of quantitative indicators between points in time, between groups and between sites (countries and schools).


Publication and dissemination

The descriptions of interventions and all the project data will be available on this website and there will be much more (documents, tools, infographics, videos) for the dissemination and exploitation.

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