Double meeting in Istanbul – Part 1


Double meeting in Istanbul – Part 1

Istanbul, March 25th. In this post we talk about the researchers’ meeting, in the next you’ll find information about management meeting.

All the work sessions are coordinated by ZSI, responsible for this specific action.

The most important point is the presentation of the logic model, edited by the CIOFS-FP: this document describes the activities that will be offered to students of six schools (two in Italy, two in Spain, two in Turkey). Given the resources available, it will not be possible to propose paths to all students, but some will be selected among those concerned, by draw. The others will be only required to fill in a questionnaire. The courses will be conducted by operators experienced in educational work with young people. These are the key actions:

  • Individual interviews, very important to customize the activities proposed based on the characteristics and preferences of individual students
  • Creative workshops, which will allow students to express themselves through music, videos, narrative, photography, cooking, etc …
  • Activities with associations of the territory, which students can participate by following their interests, outside school hours
  • In-group activities: kick-off meeting, guided tours, theme days, final party
  • Evaluation of results achieved with the participants

ZSI presented some useful tools for organizing work and collect information from participants (students and professionals). All instruments will be translated into the languages of the countries involved in the intervention. In the last part of the meeting all the details needed for the success of the actions were defined: clarification of the role of researchers and communication mode, timing, etc…