Exchange Seminars: An overview


Exchange Seminars: An overview

What is an Exchange Seminar? It’s a meeting aimed at engaging in a prompt and extensive way all local actors in the area, with some objectives:
– Facilitate the establishment of local networks composed by actors involved to be linked to already existing local and European networks engaged on ESL and training issues.
– Animate the local debate on the issues of ESL.
– Share and transfer guidelines, tips and suggestions to participants interested in scaling processes, practices, strategies or methodologies of project experimentations.

At the end of the project, we had 15 Exchange Seminars, in 5 different countries: Austria (2), Germany (2), Italy (6), Poland (4), Spain (1).

We had 432 participants from 8 different countries (also from 3 countries non directly involved in the project).

If you want to learn more about the Exchange Seminars, you can see this interview with Anita Hebbinghaus from MetropolisNet, responsible for the exploitation of the project.

You can also download the report from the “Documents section” of our website.