Gifts for everyone: what you can download from our website

Final Publication - EN

Gifts for everyone: what you can download from our website

In the Jump@School Project we have more than 40 types of deliverables. Most of the products are public and downloadable from the site’s document section.
To avoid the reader interested in getting lost, we provide here a brief guide to the materials here, organized for major topics.

DISSEMINATION: You can find our Brochures in all the languages of partners, and the guidelines and summary of Web Videos. We also would like to show you the product of one of the Sardinian labs: the Creative writing workshop.

MODEL OF INTERVENTION: We start with the ESL Intervention Types, from the collection of best practices to prevent dropout. Then we have the report from the Transnational workshop with policy partner that allowed us to prepare the Logic Model of Intervention. You can find the revision of this model in Operational Model of Intervention. Another interesting document about other models of intervention is the Publication of best practices in Eastern Europe.

EVALUATION: We start with the documents about the data collection: Guidelines on data collection; Reports on evaluation design and data collection; Results on cognitive pretesting. Then you can have a look at the Final evaluation report and at the Aftermath lessons report. If you want to learn more about the work processes, Qualitative evaluation is what you need.

EXPLOITATION: We have detailed documents about the Exchange Seminars, with specific Exchange Seminar Reports for each of them and the Exchange Seminar Final Summary that collects the most relevant results.

END OF THE PROJECT: For a “happy ending”, you can download the documents about the last event (Final European Conference), the ideas of Region Sardinia (Position paper) and, last but really very important, the Final Publication, with all the main results and thoughts about the project.