The Final Conference is coming…

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The Final Conference is coming…

Everything comes to an end… also Jump@School

On June 27th in Cagliari there will be the Final Conference.

All the experts involved in the experimentations will present results and products of the activities carried out at school.

Project partners, experts of the sector and policy makers taking part in the conference will be invited to reflect on the drivers of early school leaving and drop out phenomena, focusing on the capacities to early identify people at risk and on the most relevant strategies to contrast these phenomena.

This is the Agenda:

9.30 – Opening of the Conference by Francesco Pigliaru, President of Region Sardinia, Virginia Mura and  Giuseppe Dessena, Assessors of Region Sardinia

10.00 – Presentation of Jump@School Project: Origins and Objectives, by Luca Galassi – Region Sardinia and Lauretta Valente – CIOFS/FP; General Overview, by Tiziana Piacentini – CIOFS/FP; From the Logic Model to the Operative Model, by Massimo Peron – CIOFS/FP Bologna

10.45 – Experimentations in Italy and Spain: Brief storytelling and presentation of the products of Jump@School, by Elena Grilli – CIOFS/FP, Raul Linuesa Montero – FVCPE Ciudad de Valencia, JumpOS and professionals from the schools

11.30 – Coffee Break

11.45 – Methodologies and results of the evaluations of Jump@School by Juliet Tschank – ZSI and Gianluca Braga – IVAL

12.15 – Working groups: 1) Jump@School project and Tutti a Iscol@ Programme: comparing operating models, led by Elisabetta Schirru – Region Sardinia and Massimo Peron – CIOFS/FP Bologna; 2) Evaluation of ESL prevention projects: counterfactual and qualitative evaluation, led by Juliet Tschank – ZSI and Gianluca Braga – IVAL

13.30 – Light lunch

14.30 – Sharing of results of the working groups

15.00 – Roundtable: Early school leaving: policies and future scenarios, by Roberto Doneddu – Region Sardinia; Second Chance Schools in Eastern Europe, by Gvantsa Jimsheleishvili – Caritas of Danzica; Involvement of local stakeholders in the sharing of the results of Jump@School, by Anita Hebbinghaus – MetropolisNet; Contrast to the university dispersion, by Francesco Mola – University of Cagliari

17.30 – End of the conference

You can find the Agenda in the “Documents” section of our website: both English and Italian versions are available for download